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Hopetown Coffee, our new not-for-profit coffee shop, launches!

Hopetown Coffee, Edinburgh’s first coffee shop raising awareness of mental illness and mental health, is open.

Where there is coffee, there is hope. Introducing Hopetown Coffee – Edinburgh’s new not-for-profit safe space café raising awareness of Change Mental Health, mental illness and mental health across Scotland.

We opened our first not-for-profit mental health coffee shop, Hopetown Coffee, on Edinburgh’s thriving Broughton Street, just up the road from our Stafford Centre service.

Edinburgh’s first coffee shop raises awareness of mental illness and mental health, providing the highest quality coffee and food while partnering with local suppliers. Hopetown Coffee allows people to purchase their daily coffee and cake knowing that their money is going directly to helping people affected by poor mental health.

“Hopetown Coffee is everything that Change Mental Health is about: providing hope and support in communities in a non-stigmatising way. When creating Hopetown Coffee, we wanted to shift the dial on what a not-for-profit coffee shop should be like. We won’t compromise on quality of coffee, food or ambiance and every single penny made will be reinvested back into helping people across Scotland who are needing support with their mental health.”

Nick Ward, CEO

Customers will enjoy great coffee, locally sourced food and a welcoming service and environment – feeling good knowing that that they have contributed to a worthy cause. By enjoying a coffee with Hopetown Coffee, customers can look after both their own and other’s mental health.

Hopetown Coffee will raise awareness of Change Mental Health and the work we’re doing of supporting over 7,000 people across Scotland every year. As well as changing attitudes and fighting stigma around mental illness, we will reinvest profits from Hopetown Coffee back into providing mental health services to more people across Scotland.

Hopetown Coffee believes in supporting local businesses and works with local suppliers such as Santu Coffee and Brose Oats to provide great, high quality artisan coffee with an emphasis on sustainability. This new venture ensures that it’s a tempting place to visit no matter what drink is ordered, with milk alternatives and a diverse range of other tasty offerings.

The coffee shop also offers a ‘one on us’ policy where customers can purchase a coffee for someone that might be having a difficult time with their mental health, as well as a loyalty scheme and lots of information about mental illness and mental health.

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