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Mental health training

Mental health awareness training can give your organisation the knowledge and skills to fight stigma and create a mentally healthy workplace

At Change Mental Health, everyone has different experiences and strengths to contribute. It’s knowing that you can make change, deliver change and see the change in other people and yourself.

It’s important for every organisation to prioritise creating a workplace which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. By breaking down stigma, building awareness and enhancing confidence in talking about mental health and wellbeing, organisations can help reduce absenteeism, increase motivation and contribute to an overall more productive workforce.

If you’re not sure where to start, mental health awareness training can give your organisation the knowledge and skills to fight stigma and create a mentally healthy workplace.

Why train with Change Mental Health?

We have 50 years of experience in supporting people with mental health and mental illness across Scotland. Our courses are highly interactive and offer an engaging and informative learning experience.

“We are working on further developing our mental health and wellbeing support with the insights gained from the course, and we are continuing to encourage a supportive workplace with clear communication.”

– Creatomatic, Dumfries and Galloway.

Why mental health training?

There is an increasing interest in improving workplace wellbeing, particularly in light of the Covid pandemic and the impact it has had on our mental health. It is realised if an employer invests in their employee’s wellbeing, they could see a return on investment of up to 9 times.

Did you know? For every £1 spent on mental health interventions, companies get £5 back in reduce absence and presenteeism?


Insight into Mental Health

Our half-day introductory level course aims to build a basic understanding of mental health.

Mental Health Champions

This one-day course will equip staff to become nominated role models and promote a workplace where everyone’s health can flourish.

Rural Connections

This project aims to improve mental health and wellbeing throughout rural Scotland by providing fully funded introductory mental health awareness training to rural organisation and businesses with less than 50 members of staff.

Get in touch

To book a course or find out more about our mental health training courses, contact our Training team.

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