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We are driven by the lived experiences of the people we support and work with and are committed to person-centred approaches and meaningful participation.

We want to share the many stories of people at Change Mental Health to hear about their journey and the transformational support they have received when they need it and in a way which works best for them.

Althea’s story: Battling depression, caring and building a new life

After surviving a history of abuse and challenges, Althea reached a point of crisis and found the strength to confront her past, manage her mental health and look forward to a brighter future.

Antony’s story: Living with PTSD

Antony has been living with PTSD for as long as he can remember, but in recent years he has taken great steps to improve his mental health and look after his wellbeing.

Barry’s story: Coping with loss and finding himself

Journey through grief and loss which led to self-discovery, music and an annual challenge in memory of Barry's mum. Now, as an outreach worker, he helps others improve their mental health.

Beth’s story: Support that makes you feel lighter

There’s a reassuring listening ear for Beth at Change Mental Health, which makes her feel that someone is there; that someone cares; and that she’s not alone.

Cameron’s story: Finding support in difficult times

Cameron reached out to Advice and Support Service, worried about his mental health, worsened by the approaching anniversary of his father's passing.

Caroline’s story: Long-term support to manage mental illness

Engaging in structured activities at Change Mental Health's Employability service in Dumfries has provided Caroline with purpose and stability.

David’s story: Combating isolation and loneliness

David experienced isolation and loneliness almost all his adult life. This caused feelings of depression and paranoia, making it more difficult to reach out for help.

Dawn’s story: There’s a massive change in me

Dawn is somebody who has blossomed after being referred to Change Mental Health’s Carer Support service.

Euan’s story: Changing people’s lives in the community

It was 2002: Euan worked for the water board in Blantyre. Driving to work one morning, he was involved in a multiple car pile-up on the motorway.

Fife Women’s Group: Peer Support in the Community

Change Mental Health’s Resilience service in Fife provides one-to-one support and facilitates Community Peer Support Groups.

Hazel’s story: Gaining life control through rediagnosis and compassionate support

Previously dismissed and misdiagnosed, she found strength and resilience with Change Mental Health

Henry’s story: Navigating discrimination as a student

language barriers and discrimination during university time as a source of isolation and mental anguish

James’s story: Benefiting from peer support

Having had anxiety from early childhood, James sought clarity on his mental health and found ways to boost his confidence.

Janice: The priority is the carer

Janice Mylan is a Carer Support Worker in Tayside for Change Mental Health and empowers carers to actively think of their own health and wellbeing and self-care

Lara’s story: Losing someone I love to suicide

My story began in August 2019, when a police officer came to my door to tell me that my wonderful and only brother, Graeme, had died by suicide. I want to tell you my personal experience of losing someone I love to suicide.

Lee: Caring for Someone with Schizophrenia

When Lee joined Change Mental Health, it was her first paid role in 19 years – mainly due to caring commitments, which including caring for one of her sons who lives with schizophrenia.

Lorna’s story: Supporting Carers to Have a Life of Their Own

We raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make.

Lorna’s story: Volunteering to deliver change

When you have been through it yourself, you understand what people are going through when they come through the door and ask for help.

Milo’s story: Living with selective mutism

"Selective mutism feels like I am being strangled from the inside out. It feels like someone is trying to pull the tightest knot right in the middle of my throat."

Mo’s story: They see me, not my illness

Support from Kaleidoscope transformed Mo's journey with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), helping her rebuild confidence and find purpose

Nora’s story – emotional support and tangible relief

At 77, Nora, facing isolation, anxiety and family crises, found vital support from Advice and Support service. From listening ear to financial relief, we helped her enjoy life again.

Sarah’s story: Building resilience at youth

Sarah, who works in Tayside for Change Mental Health, was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder at 21 and learned how to become more resilient.

The Dundee University Yoga Society’s ongoing partnership with Change Mental Health

a discussion with the Dundee University Yoga Society about the joint commitment to addressing students' mental wellbeing and creating space for discussion.

Your Resilience: How West Lothian Council supports young people’s mental health

Your Resilience shapes a promising post-pandemic future for young people through building resilience, coping with demands and learning from setbacks
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