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Beth’s story: Support that makes you feel lighter

Beth spoke to her doctor after feeling very agitated. Struggling to sleep and feeling a range of different emotions such as overthinking and overanalysing, she spoke to her doctor and was referred to receive support from Change Mental Health in Stranraer.

Beth is supported on a one-to-one basis, as well as some social group sessions. There’s a reassuring listening ear for Beth at Change Mental Health, which makes her feel that someone is there; that someone cares; and that she’s not alone. Talking to a Support Worker means, as Beth would say, “when life is heavy, this support can help you feel lighter.”

Beth gets agitated easily and sometimes can be in a room full of people and feel completely isolated. Despite her anxiety, Beth is a very positive and happy person. She loves working as a learning assistant at a local primary school and has a daughter, who is her focus and get up and go every day.

“Anxiety is something I live with. It hasn’t always been this way but life can throw many curveballs and it can have an impact in many ways. Previous life experiences can cause anxiety: I was in a domestic abuse relationship.

“There are so many people who struggle with anxiety and it’s a normal human thing. But life is hard – there’s so much going on.

“On a daily basis, anxiety affects how I feel and see things. I can feel very agitated. My heart races. I struggle to sleep. I can feel alone, scared, upset, worried. I start to overthink and overanalyse everything. I battle within myself. I know my own problems and I know how to change it. I know how to make myself feel better, but it’s very easy to slip into that mindset of having a negative voice in your head.”

Through going to Change Mental Health, it has enabled Beth to meet new people and gain fresh experiences and opportunities to build skills and confidence.

“Coming to Change Mental Health has given me different opportunities to try new things. It’s just nice knowing that I have someone there when times are hard, outwith family.

“It gives me a focus and reassurance that life can be hard but you don’t have to face things alone – that it’s normal to feel this way and there are methods to cope.

“It’s just knowing that you’re not the only person dealing and coping with anxiety. I don’t mind talking about it and I think it’s important that people do talk openly about having anxiety.”

There have been a range of activities and coping strategies that have benefited Beth and enabled her to relax when going to Change Mental Health, such as an art group.

“The art group has encouraged me to find a hobby to do at home. Nights can be difficult for me. Because of this incredible support, I am inspired and able to do something I enjoy.

“With this support, I can cope better when life gets difficult. I use strategies like meditation and breathing techniques.”

Attending support at Change Mental Health has enabled Beth to grow and learn, and feels immensely thankful for all the support she receives.

“They have offered continuous support in so many ways and at different stages in my life – encouraging me to reach my full potential and work through the challenges I face.

“I have grown and learned so much. I am stronger than I think. I can cope and deal with things better. I can see my potential and that is down to the valuable support I receive.”

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