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Radio Stafford 103

Your community mental health radio station

Radio Stafford 103 was started by and is now run by people who are supported by Change Mental Health at our Stafford Centre service in Edinburgh, our community resource for people experiencing mental health issues to help people manage their mental health, gain greater self-confidence and become more integrated within the community.

Listen to Radio Stafford 103

The radio station was created in 2011 by service users of our Stafford Centre service in Edinburgh who not only wanted to entertain but provide position messages about mental health as well as advice and support. It is about sharing with others and informing people about mental health issues and services, reaching out to people who may be experiencing similar issues.

Since then, a makeshift radio booth has been constructed in the basement of Stafford Centre in a more comfortable environment for presenters and DJs to broadcast to listeners from around the world through internet-based radio.

The title Radio Stafford 103 comes from the Stafford Centre’s roots, originally based on Edinburgh’s Stafford Street from 1986 to 2001, and the building number (‘103’) the centre now occupies on Broughton Street.

People have found their voice at Radio Stafford 103:

  • “Being involved makes a difference. It gives me focus, confidence and takes my mind off other stuff.”
  • “It gives people with mental health issues scope to develop and increase their own potential.”
  • “It is a radio room full of potential for the future and it’s fantastic to use such good equipment.”
  • “It brings the fun back into using and learning new technology, and gets our voice heard in the wider society.”

Radio Stafford 103 has forged its own identity and gone from strength to strength by building profile and increasing mental health awareness. Starting off with just a table, a chair, a microphone and mixing desk in 2011, every presenter picked up new skills and equipment as the station grew.

“When you’re having a bad day and you’re on the radio it gives me confidence, calms me down and makes me feel lighter. The fact that it helps others as well is a good thing.”

DJ Zander


Get in touch with our Radio Stafford 103 team to find out more about getting involved:

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