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Change Mental Health has a commitment to delivering research across different areas of mental health to explore ways in which we can create a discussion on how we can better support people with conditions and in different environments.

We work closely with different organisations to collaborate and complete research. A lot of our research below has been conducted when we were Support in Mind Scotland and particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Have a look at the different bits of research below we have independently pulled together or contributed towards.

A Desk Review of Social Prescribing

Exploring the reality and potential development of social prescribing in and beyond Scotland, defined as the practice of individuals accessing non-clinical support in their communities.


Early Intervention in Psychosis

An engagement project looking to engage with people across Scotland about what needs to be put in place for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis.


Marginalised Rural Communities

Research to understand marginalised rural communities across Scotland and explore and document the key issues and challenges that these lesser-heard voices face on a daily basis.



A report on the health and wellbeing of rural communities in Scotland: to understand people’s feelings, connectivity and transport within the community, and employment.


Falling Off a Cliff

In collaboration with Voluntary Health Scotland, we helped scope what happens to people with mental health conditions other than or alongside dementia once they become 65.


Further Out

In partnership with Equality Network, we explored the key themes behind understanding the poor mental health of many in Scotland’s LGBT community across the rural landscape.


Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

This study with SHERPA explores the effects that climate change has on people’s mental health, including challenges people have in rural communities.


Well Connected Communities

A study on the community approach to mental health and wellbeing in five rural regions of Scotland, to better understand people’s views on these key issues.


Highlands and Islands Connections

A 12-month project in the Highlands and Islands put communities at the centre of mental wellbeing to understand local needs, opportunities and improvements.


1 in 100: Results of the Scottish Schizophrenia Survey

1 in 100 people will experience schizophrenia in their lifetime and this research understands the landscape of people living with both psychosis and schizophrenia across Scotland.


National Rural Mental Health Survey

A systematic understanding of how people with mental illness experience their day-to-day lives across rural Scotland.


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