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A revitalised, dynamic organisation: our 2022-23 impact

We have released our 2022-23 Annual Report, along with key impact figures.

Aidan and JJ with impact report

“It’s hard to believe the difference a year can make.”

Change Mental Health has released its 2022-23 Annual Report, along with its key impact figures, on the very day that commemorates the first anniversary of the charity’s Time for Change strategy.

Figures from our Annual Report and impact state that:

  • 7193 people were supported across Scotland by Change Mental Health, along with 9870+ hours of support through the Thrive Partnership.
  • This includes receiving 1897 enquiries through our Advice and Support Service.
  • We are continuously expanding the work that we’re doing and reaching new people in new areas across Scotland.

We rebranded to Change Mental Health exactly a year ago on 21st November 2022, when we launched our new name, brand, website and three-year strategy, Time for Change.

“Change Mental Health continues to push forward to make sure that no one will face mental illness alone. In the last year the charity has continued its path of professionalisation and impact.

“Change Mental Health is a vibrant organisation filled with passionate people. We are nimble, agile and responsive. These attributes, alongside our values, are things that I know the whole organisation is committed to ensuring continue to be at the heart of all of our work.”

Greg May, Chair of the Board at Change Mental Health

“Change Mental Health is a revitalised, dynamic organisation.

“The last year has been a modernisation year for the charity. We have set out our bold new ambitions in the ‘Time for Change’ strategy and we have been working diligently to put new systems, processes and culture in place. We want to do things differently so that we can support more people in
different ways. Over the next year we will continue our modernisation push with a focus on the quality of what we do.

” I am clear that I want us to be a charity which has significant impact but also one which is an incredible employer, that pays people well, invests in them and builds a positive high impact culture determined to help people as best we can.

“This past year has laid the foundations of that. The work that the staff of this charity do every day is incredible. It is life-changing and sometimes lifesaving.

“Together, we can make the next even better.”

Nick Ward, CEO at Change Mental Health

Annual Report

Our Impact

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