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Volunteers’ Week

from the 3rd June to 9th June 2024, we take the opportunity to highlight the great work of volunteers within the community

Every year, Volunteers’ Week recognises the impact of those who give their time to help others while celebrating the contributions of many volunteers around the country. 

More than just helping others, research has shown that volunteering can also benefit the volunteers themselves. Volunteering helps us connect with others, develop our skills and help our communities. According to Volunteer Scotland, about 1 in 5 of Scottish adults already volunteer and you could also be a part of creating change in your community. 

How does volunteering benefit others?

There are many ways volunteers can benefit others. Some of which include: 

Community support

Volunteering provides essential support to communities, particularly those in need. Whether it’s assisting with food distribution, tutoring children or offering companionship, volunteers contribute directly to the wellbeing of others. 

Social connection

Volunteering fosters a sense of belonging and community among both volunteers and those they serve. It helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by creating opportunities for social interaction and meaningful relationships. 

Resource conservation

Many volunteer efforts contribute to environmental conservation and sustainability. Whether it’s participating in clean-up events, planting trees or promoting recycling initiatives, volunteers play a crucial role in preserving natural resources for future generations. 

“I wanted to volunteer (for the Employability Support Project) because I was inspired to pass that feeling on. I love welcoming people because I know how it feels for everyone visiting. Some people come in nervous at first so we have a chat, and I will help them feel more comfortable. I know what they are going through and how much they will benefit from coming here.”

– read more about the impact of volunteering on Lorna’s life here.

How does volunteering also benefit myself? 

Volunteering doesn’t just help others; it helps you too. Here’s how: 

Personal growth

Volunteering offers opportunities for personal growth and development. It allows individuals to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences that can enhance their professional and personal lives.  

This is something that our Employability Support Project provides in Dumfries and Galloway to break down barriers for people experiencing poor mental health, so they can access opportunities for their professional development. 

Career benefits

Volunteering allows individuals to gain relevant experience, develop skills and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, all of which can enhance their CV and appeal to potential employers. 

Sense of purpose

Volunteering gives individuals a sense of purpose and fulfilment by allowing them to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It provides a meaningful way to contribute to society. 

Are you an individual looking to change people’s lives across Scotland? Or is your business looking to get more involved with improving the lives of those affected by mental illness? 

We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s spreading the word of Change Mental Health or volunteering in a way that works best for you! Contact our team to get your volunteering journey started.

We know that people may not have the time to volunteer but there are many ways in which you can support Change Mental Health. Your generous donation, no matter how much, is vital for us to support more people across Scotland with their mental health.

Do you want to support Change Mental Health in a different way? Then why not take on a challenge event so that you can have fun, raise awareness AND raise crucial funding for Change Mental Health at no extra cost to you? From the 5K Supernova runs to marathons and relay races, there are so many events to choose from on MyRunning. Find the challenge event that suits you today and sign up for Change Mental Health! 


Our Advice and Support Service is open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, where advisers can signpost you to local support that most fits your needs, including our own Change Mental Health services. We offer initial advice on money worries and help to deal with emergencies.

Contact 0808 8010 515, email us at or fill out the enquiry form on the Advice and Support Service page.


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