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hearing voices

A transformational service to help you live around your voices and invasive thoughts

We provide support to people who experience symptoms of psychosis, hear voices and experience sensory disturbances. We have been running the Hearing Voices service for almost three decades, which is person-centred and created by people who hear voices

Hearing Voices offers support to people experiencing voices, invasive thoughts and sensory disturbances in Tayside and Fife. It helps people understand their experiences and make them realise they are not alone.

We offer a safe space to talk about your experiences, placing you at the heart of what we do and build the support you need to move forward.
We want you to feel valued and listened to. We want to enable you to better manage your symptoms and lead a better quality of life.

We aim to build a trusting relationship and combat isolation. We can provide information and tools that have helped others and signpost to any additional support available. We also support carers who help loved ones cope with experiences that involve voices and invasive thoughts.

Hearing Voices works closely with our Resilience and Carer Support services in Tayside and Fife, along with our National services, to ensure you receive the support you need in a way that works best for you. We always have that next step of the recovery journey ready for you when you need it.

“It helps build my confidence, it helps me with the voices. I feel more appreciated and before it felt like I never had much to do and my mind was always rolling. This is a step forward.”



Our Information and Support Line is here to help you and find the local support you need. If you need more information about the Carer Support services we deliver across Scotland, contact 0300 323 1545 or


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