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carer support

We look to improve the health and wellbeing of carers across Scotland

We launched Carer Support in response to the unique challenges of being a carer to a relative, friend or partner of someone living with mental illness.

At Carer Support, we offer individual support in person, through phone, email or video conferencing. We provide emotional support, access to local peer support groups, and a range of useful information and advice, We provide Carer Support across Edinburgh, Highlands, Tayside, Fife and Dumfries & Galloway.

We signpost to other relevant services and work with local communities to open up more opportunities for signposting, which include some of our National services such as Mental Health and Money Advice.

Our Carer Support team provide a safe space where carers can talk about their needs without judgement. We identify and develop coping skills and strategies to support you.

“My approach is listen carefully to what the carers are looking for. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to them and believe them, and carers often say they never get that treatment.”

Carer Support Worker


Our Information and Support Line is here to help you and find the local support you need. If you need more information about the Carer Support services we deliver across Scotland, contact 0300 323 1545 or


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