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Hearing Voices service receives generous funding boost

The Hearing Voices service receives funding from three organisations to continue and expand its support for people in Perth and Kinross.

Our Hearing Voices service, dedicated to supporting people experiencing symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia, has received additional funding to sustain and expand its services. The Gannochy Trust, Third Sector Interface Perth & Kinross and The Hugh Fraser Foundation have all generously contributed towards this vital service.

The Perth & Kinross Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund for adults, managed by Third Sector Interface Perth & Kinross, has committed £10,000 towards the Hearing Voices service. In a statement, the organisation said:

“We’re so proud to be able to allocate funding for this project and invest in person-centred support for people in our communities who hear voices and experience other sensory disturbances.

“The Hearing Voices service is a key example of the far-reaching impact of the Scottish Government Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund for Adults. Providing direct support and raising awareness about the symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia creates a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone in Perth & Kinross.”

Additionally, The Gannochy Trust has generously provided £26,000, while The Hugh Fraser Foundation has contributed £5,000.

This ongoing support reaffirms the collective dedication to providing accessible and practical assistance to those living with auditory hallucinations, sensory disturbances and intrusive thoughts.

People supported by the service have expressed gratitude for Hearing Voices’ invaluable role in their journey towards recovery and self-empowerment, highlighting its impact on their perspectives and coping strategies.

“Since getting support from Change Mental Health, it has completely changed my perspective on my voices. They helped me realise that I wasn’t alone and signposted me to many resources that allowed me to do my own research and find coping strategies that worked for me.

“With their support, I was able to move out into a flat share with confidence, so I could manage my voices independently while still completing my university course.

“I had tried to cope with my voices alone for many years and this support has completely changed my life and how I see myself. Without Change Mental Health, I doubt I would be in the place I am today.”

– said person supported by Hearing Voices team in Tayside

Susan Grant, Area Manager for Tayside, Fife and Angus at Change Mental Health, said:

“Isolation is common for people living with psychosis. Hearing Voices fosters connection within a marginalised, stigmatised community, empowering people to play an active role in their care to build resilience and independence.

“We are really encouraged that The Gannochy Trust, Third Sector Interface Perth & Kinross and The Hugh Fraser Foundation have chosen to fund our unique Hearing Voices service.

“This means we can continue to support more people in the community who hear voices in a way which works best for them, stemming from how we started as a charity over 50 years ago.”

We run other services in these localities, including Carer Support and Resilience, which Hearing Voices often refers to and from. Carer Support improves the health and wellbeing of carers while responding to the unique challenges they face of caring for someone living with mental illness. Resilience promotes positive mental health while identifying mental health needs early to help people move forward with their lives.

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